The Department of Pharmacology offers one of the country's top-rated graduate programs, teaches undergraduate students, and conducts high-impact research.

What is Pharmacology? - With Department Symbol

Pharmacology explores the mechanisms that drugs use to cause therapeutic effects.

The basic principle of pharmacology is that therapeutic agents are effective because they mimic or block molecules that regulate natural processes like blood pressure, organ development, and pain perception.


We Are An Inclusive Community

The Department of Pharmacology welcomes people of all backgrounds, nationalities, and ethnic groups. We support and welcome diversity, and know that diversity makes us stronger. We can only accomplish our goals by valuing a wide variety of perspectives and ideas.


Education Programs

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We provide high quality teaching of the principles of pharmacology and the application of pharmacology to the biomedical sciences.


Research & Discovery

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The Department of Pharmacology at the University of Minnesota conduct's high-impact research that advances the fundamental knowledge of drug action.


Seminars & Events

Pharmacology Club Meeting

"Career in Pharmacology: Drug Discovery & Development"

Wednesday, April 26
4:30 pm - 5:30 pm
4-101 Nils Hasselmo Hall

A Career Development & Networking Event with
Dr. Katherine Cornish
Custom Study Director, WuXi Apptec

Pharmacology Seminar Series

"Decoding mechanotransduction mechanisms of cell-surface receptors"

Friday, May 5
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm
2-101 Nils Hasselmo Hall

Wendy Gordon, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Department of Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, and Biophyscics
University of Minnesota - Twin Cities


News Highlights

Dr. Jie Ying Chan has completed a Ph.D. Degree in Pharmacology

Dr. Jie Ying Chan has successfully defended her thesis and completed her doctorate in Pharmacology at the University of Minnesota’s Department of Pharmacology.

Thesis Title:
“Targeting insulin receptor in human breast cancer using engineered protein scaffolds”

Dr. Chan will be continuing to work with her mentor, Dr. Douglas Yee, as she explores her career and employment oportunities.

Dr. Cheuk Leung has been awarded an NIH R01 Grant!

Dr. Cheuk Leung has successfully secured an NIH r01 Grant entitled "Control of quiescence and outgrowth in latent breast preneoplastic cells"! Please congratulate him on his latest achievement!

New Publication From the Levinson Lab

Congratulations to the Levinson Lab on theirnew publication!

  1. A water-mediated allosteric network governs activation of Aurora kinase A.
    Soreen Cyphers, Emily F Ruff, Julie M Behr, John D Chodera, Nicholas M Levinson
    Nature Chemical Biology (2017) doi:10.1038/nchembio.2296

Mariya Shapovalova Awarded DOD Fellowship

Mariya Shapovalova, a 2nd year Pharmacology Ph.D. Student in Dr. Aaron LeBeau’s lab, has been awarded a Fellowship from the Department of Defense’s Prostate Cancer Research Program! This Program aims "to find and fund research that will lead to the elimination of death from prostate cancer and enhance the well-being of men experiencing the impact of the disease."

Please congratulate Mariya on this outstanding achievement!