2014 Retreat

State of the Department - 2014

Prestigious faculty publications

  • Li-Na Wei laboratory: β-arrestin protects neurons by mediating endogenous opioid arrest of inflammatory microglia. Cell Death & Differentiation, 2013.
  • Stan Thayer laboratory: HIV-1 Tat protein prodices biphasic changes in NMDA-evoked increases in intracellular Ca(2+) J Neuroscience, 2013
  • Ping Law laboratory: NeuroD modulates opioid agonist-selective regulation of adult neurogenesis Neuropsychopharmacology, 2013
  • Jill Siegfried (member of TGCA Steering Committee): The Cancer Genome Atlas, Comprehensigve molecular profiling of lung adenocarcinomas. Nature 2014
  • Kevin Wickman laboratory: The G-protein-gated K+ channel, IKACh, is required for regulation of pacemaker activity and recovery of resting heart rate after sympathetic stimulation. J Gen Physiol 2013
  • Sundaram Ramakrishnan: Dynamin 2 along with microRNA-199a reciprocally regulate hypoxia-inducible factors and ovarian cancer metastatis. PNAS 2014
  • Fang Li: Deadly MERS virus is transmitted from bats to humans by use of DPP4 protease for cellular entry. PNAS 2014

Student awards

  • Dustin Chernick: 3M Fellowship
  • Christopher Gallardo: DOVE Fellowship
  • Erik Carlson: BSGC Fellowship
  • Chris Richards: National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship Program Honorable Mention
  • Nicole Wydeven Beatrice Z. Milne and Theodore Brandenburg Award 2014 Bacaner Research Award in Pharmacology 
  • Doctoral Fellowships:
    • John Chan
    • Jingjing Meng
    • Nicole Wydeven
  • PNI Training Grant:
    • Lydia Kotecki
    • Kelly Krogh
  • Stem Cell Biology Training Grant
    • John Chan

Service awards

  • Earl Dunham: 43 Years
  • Carrie DeJarlais: 30 Years
  • Tim Walseth: 29 Years
  • Horace Loh: 26 Years
  • Ping-Yee Law: 26 Years
  • Stan Thayer: 25 Years
  • W. Gibson Wood: 25 Years
  • Sundaram Ramakrishnan: 25 Years

Retreat poster session winners

  • Lydia Kotecki: 1st Place
  • Erica Schnettler: Runner Up
  • Yan Yan: Runner Up

Retreat photo gallery

Department of Pharmacology - 2014 Retreat

2014 Annual Retreat

Improvements to core facilities

Improvements to Core Facilities

Digital signs

Digital Signs

Improvements to Nils Hasselmo Hall (NHH) office area

Improvements to NHH Office Area