Marco Pravetoni, PhD

Adjunct Associate Professor, Department of Pharmacology

Marco Pravetoni

Contact Info

Office Phone 612-347-4427

Adjunct Associate Professor, Department of Pharmacology


Research Summary/Interests

Dr. Pravetoni's research interests focus on the pre-clinical development of novel therapies for drug addiction using strategies that can be extended to other chronic non-communicable diseases. Research in Pravetoni's laboratory involves a multidisciplinary approach using tools from medicinal chemistry, pharmacokinetics, immunology, pharmacology and behavioral analysis to uncover the mechanisms underlying treatment’s efficacy in animal models of prescription opioid abuse and nociception.

Current efforts focus on:

  1. antigen-specific B cell responses as biomarkers to predict vaccine’s efficacy against drugs of abuse
  2. modulation of adaptive immune responses against drug-based haptens to improve the efficacy of vaccination against drugs of abuse and other small molecules (e.g. chemicals and toxins)
  3. immunotherapy and pharmacotherapy against prescription opioids abuse and evaluation of mechanisms underlying treatment’s efficacy on animal models of addiction and nociception.