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What can I do with a degree in Pharmacology?


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A question often asked by those interested in a pursuing a degree in pharmacology. But graduates in Pharmacology can find themselves with a wide range of career opportunities to pursue. This page contains several resources for Pharmacology graduate students to use as they consider their career paths and interests. The goal is to inform students about career development information and activities that are available at the national, local, and university level. Additionally, actively pursing the resources within these links can help build important career connections as well as begin career networking.

For some students, choosing a career path can be a difficult and stressful decision; however, these resources can help aid in the transition from student to professional life. Career exploration and job searching should be an exciting time for a graduate student, NOT a difficult or uncomfortable task.


Looking Nationwide
Opportunities Across the Country

Looking Nationwide

Science Career Search Engines

Jobs in the scientific field.
Jobs in healthcare, pharma, and science
Life Science Jobs
Jobs in Non-profits & Policy Jobs
Open positions in the NIH
Job opportunities at the FDA
For those who are looking in to further post-doctoral training at the NIH
A great general job search engine
A science-related recruiting agency
A career resource + search engine through Science
A career resource + search engine through Nature

National Biotech Company Databases

A database of biotech companies listed by location. Helpful in locating some campanies in states or cities you are interested in.
A massive list of pharmaceutical manufacturers.

Miscellaneous Resources that may aid in your job search and careers

A quick overview guide on the type of government jobs one can get with a Ph.D.
A forum in which to join forces to improve their craft and encourage conditions that promote good science writing.
The American Medical Writers Association (AMWA) is the resource for professional medical communicators, promoting excellence in medical communication and providing educational resources in support of that goal.
A forum in which to join forces to improve their craft and encourage conditions that promote good science writing.