Core Facilities



For all questions, concerns, and requests for access please contact:

Hannah Salen

Core director

Dr. Greg Connell

Research Building Management Services 

For repairs and other building services, please contact Research Building Management Services.

The Department of Pharmacology has core equipment facilities located within rooms 3-269 and 2-279 of Hasselmo Hall.

A description of the available equipment can be accessed through the links located within the left column. All primary faculty labs have access to these facilities. Please do not hesitate to ask questions - Do not use if in doubt!

Accessing the core facility

Gaining access: 

Training by either Dr. Connell, or a previously trained member of your lab is mandatory for all core equipment. When using core equipment for the first time, initially check with your PI or an experienced lab member to see if anyone within your lab can provide necessary training. If no one within your lab is available, please contact Hannah Salen, who will arrange orientation and training with Dr. Connell.

Accessing specific equipment: 

Requirements for access may vary from instrument to instrument:

Lab specific codes:

For instruments or areas that require a code, each lab has an assigned 6 digit code which you can obtain from your PI. 

List of equipment and areas that require this code:


Some equipment requires a reservation be made through a website, Qreserve

How to sign-up and make reservations

List of equipment that require reservation through Qreserve: