HM525 NX CryostatThe HM525 NX is a high performance manual cryostat for sectioning tissue.

The thickness range is 1 – 500μ and the chamber operates between-35 to 20°C. There are 27 freezing positions with 4 Peltier quick-freeze stations that rapidly cool to -55ºC. Six tissue holders are included.

Blades: Each lab should provide their own blades and remove the blade after each use. Please use the low profile Thermo Scientific MX35 Ultra Blades.

Freezing media: Any water soluble freezing media can be used. OCT, Neg-50 and M-1 are used most frequently.

Operation and clean-up: If there are multiple users in one day, the cryostat can be left on between users until the end of the day. It may also be left on overnight if you are using it for several days in a row. Be aware that the cryostat undergoes a nightly defrost cycle so don’t store your frozen samples in the cryostat overnight.


  • Nils Hasselmo Hall (NHH) 2-279

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