Reserving Core Equipment

Why reserve equipment?

Reservations and sign-ups allow users to better plan their experiments by ensuring access to the instruments for specific times. It is also used to track proper usage of equipment. 

Failure to properly reserve and record usage could result in loss of privledges to the individual and the entire lab.

There are two main methods for equipment reservation in the core facility that varies from instrument to instrument:

Pen and notepad sign-in:

The first method is a simple notepad sign-up on arrival system. Notepads with pens have been placed next to machines that utilize this system. 

All we ask is that, when you come in to use the instrument, record the time, date, your name, and your PI on the notepad.

The following instruments utilize this method of sign-up:


The second method of sign-up, Qreserve, requires a little more initial set-up on the users part, but, afterwards, is also fairly simple. Qreserve is a web-based lab management system that provides several tools that labs can use to manage their equipment and supplies. For the purposes of the core facility, we utilize its facilities calendar function to allow online reservation for equipment that may need to be used for extended periods of time.

The following are the instruments that utilize this method of sign-up:

Registering on Qreserve:

Request an invite by e-mailing Hannah Salen at with your preferred e-mail and PI. A registration e-mail will be sent to you once your message is received. It will invite you to create a password for the account associated with your e-mail. From there you will have access to the Core's Qreserve group automatically. 

Reserving equipment through Qreserve:

After registering for Quartzy, you can reserve equipment by following these steps

  1. If you aren't already logged in you can log in here
  2. Navigate to the memberships tab and click on the "Core Facilities" group.
  3. Click on the equipment you would like to make a reservation for. A calendar should pop up that can be displayed in a day/week/month format.
  4. To reserve, simply click on a date you would like to reserve. A pop up will prompt you to select a start and end time. For Centrifuges, please select which rotor you plan to use in the "notes" section.
  5. Hit book and you're done! You've just reserved that equipment for your selected time.

Note: Again, please list the rotor(s) you plan on using within the "notes" section when reserving the centrifuges